About us

About us

With years of hands-on experience in the CAM industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table empowering you to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime.

We advise

We implement

We support

We train

We tailor your solution

You should succeed in your ambitions for your production – and we want to help you get there with the right CAM solution.

We are SolidCAM experts. Since 2007, we have been providing consulting services and solutions.

Our team are experts with extensive knowledge of CAM software. We can advise you all the way through the decision-making phase and the implementation of SolidCAM.

We want you to be experts on your production – not your software. Leave it to us and keep your attention on achieving efficient production in your company.

Meet the team

Our team are experts with broad professional CAM knowledge – each with their own specialty. You’re in good hands.

Feel safe with us

Do stories of failed software investments worry you? Feel safe with us as your partner.

We know that investing in a new CAM system is a big decision. We understand the concerns.

So we make the software available until it has been implemented in your company.

Our experienced team of service technicians will take care of the installation.

You get a dedicated coordinator to continuously follow up and make sure that you’re happy with the implementation phase – and we respond quickly to any challenges or issues that might arise.

Want to learn more about our implementation? Or would you like to talk to a reference who can tell you about working with CADSYS?

Reach out to us on +45 7020 3572.

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Looking for a solution for your CNC machining center or complex mill-turn machining center? User-friendly solutions for 2 to 22-axis machines.

With your needs in focus, we’ll find the best SolidCAM solution together.

We’re here to help. Reach out.

Would you like a meeting, a demonstration, a benchmark or a trial license? Then we would love to help you!

At CADSYS, we are passionate about your success.

We want to advise you on the best possible solution. Your time is important – and that you can complete your tasks quickly, efficiently and flawlessly.

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